Station Stage Performance Festival
for the 300th Anniversery of Karlsruhe City

STUDIOD3R developed the Station Stage* for the city’s 300th birthday in 2015. Following the topics City-Culture-Mobility 15 tram stations are converted in urban stages showing cultural, scientific and social performances for 15 days.

Spread all over the city they cover homogeneously the urban space and activate numerous districts by encouraging the citizen to participate. Hence they are actively forming the city's cultural and urban environment within the strong democratic context of Karlsruhe's history.

The Station Stages* are involving inhabitants of Karlsruhe, as well as local, national and international artists, scientists and a wide range of cultural institutions in the city’s happening during the period of the celebrations.

Within the diverse interrelation of art, social and academic topics and the current discourse on urban space, new collaborations between local and national organisations are beeing enabled.

Location: Karlsruhe, Germany
Typology: Urban intervention
Building area: each 20 sqm
Status: Realisation going on
Team: STUDIOD3R 2011 in collaboration with curator Stefanie Hessler
Typeface: Mauren by Peter Stahmer
Year: 2011