MK.1 Student Housing

Being in close proximity to the ruins of the ancient metropolis the site should act as an extension of the public realm of Athens whilst containing an autonomous community within its boundaries. For this reason, we revisited the stoa typology of antiquity to elaborate on methods of crafting hybrid (semi public/private) space. By translating the diagram of a classical temple, we believe that a balance between two planes can be achieved when the stoa is positioned at their point of intersection. Residents of the housing block are raised above a linear stoa that connects the street to a tranquil garden of scattered fragments.

Spatially, this project challenges the convention of uniform student housing. Here instead, every student is provided with a radically different living arrangement. Redefining temporary living the possibility for self-sufficient single, double or shared by two living is maintained according to how each unit plugs into its neighbours.

Copyright by UPTO35

Location: Athens, Greece
Typology: Student Housing
Building area: 500 sqm
Status: Competition entry
Team: STUDIOD3R in collaboration with Studio KRRE, Amsterdam
Year: 2009
Award: Short-listed, upto35 International Competition