Schreib Tisch Geschichten

Within the framework of a city district festival called Nachtwandel in the urban district Jungbusch we did a back yard installation and initiated an open, temporary quarter archive. During the festival residents, citizens and visitors were asked to write down their location-specific stories, anecdotes and experiences in order to create their own district archive.

The project offers a contraposition to the adminstrative historiography and creates a participative historiography which can be utilised to characterise an ubran disctict in a more atmospheric and direct way.
"Schreib Tisch Geschichten" is a project for the district Jungbusch, with the Jungbusch and for the Jungbusch.


Location: Mannheim, Germany | Typology: Urban intervention | Building area: 40 sqm | Status: realised | Team: STUDIOD3R und superwondergroup | 2012